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West Dunbartonshire Council

A full bespoke conversion for West Dumbartonshire Council Pest Control Department

A complicated conversion consisting of the van being split into three compartments.

Compartment 1 (offside compartment) equipped with a large dog cage.

Compartment 2 (nearside compartment) is shelved for small animal traps and bat boxes.

Compartment 3 (rear compartment) has a shelving unit and locker for storage of chemicals and PPE. All surfaces are coated in our unique Poly’ Laminate Washable Finish and interior lighting for good visibility.

The installation also incorporates lockable drawers under the false floor for storage for Darting Rifles and Pistols and a long storage space for lances etc. 

Also included is a two bar roof rack and roller for ladders, three rotating Flettner Ventilators with Chapter 8 Beacon and Chevrons.

Watch out for the Dog Wardens Van soon to be completed! 

Peugeot Expert L1 van supplied by Parks Fleet, East Kilbride.

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