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Vehicle Lining Solutions

Atlas Van Tech specialise in a variety of van lining solutions, designed to preserve the internal condition of your van.

Machine CNC cut, our linings are consistent and accurate. We are able to react quickly to your requirements, and offer a “while you wait” service at our works in Prestwick. We also offer an-site fitting facility.

From basic plywood lining platform, we can create bespoke finishes to suit your work environment. These include dec-ply floors, Alloy Treadplate, Acrylic Surfaces and Poly Laminate Coating. Not to be confused with inferior solvent spray linings. Our hard coatings need no curing time, are load ready immediately with no pungent solvent smells.

Lining Options Include

  • Plywood
  • Poly Laminate Coating
  • Acrylic Side
  • Alloy Tread Flooring
  • Buffalo Board Flooring

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